Birds of Prey


I call a protest. They are ruining our filmography. Everything they put their hands on, they massacre. This time, the character every man who watched, fell in love with, Harley Quinn is ruined. They make this movies to ruin the old movies. Do not ask how they manage it. They do. They show us the depth of the characters in a way that we feel like, ‘but this is not true, this character is badass.’. Actually, maybe this is my  wrong opinion, but Harley Quinn was not a dumb woman. Now she is and we know that everything she did in the movies before, they were out of luck because they say it in this movie. All the other movies are ruined now because we now know that she is dumb but lucky. Another superhero who’s talent is to be lucky.

I call a protest as I said. We must not go to see these movies to show them that we do not like them. So they stop ruining our childhood. They did it with almost every movie lately and I have had enough. Anyways, let’s talk about this movie a bit.

Has any of you watched ‘Ocean’s 8’? It takes the job from men of the Ocean’s series, put there women, make it a movie to show ‘women also can do things.’. We know that. And I respect that kind of a movie in it’s way to show a message. This time, it is revenge. In this movie, women are taking revenge from men. In this movie, the men are so evil and bad, there is not a single male thing that is good. Maybe there is one but we are not sure. I am quite sure that animal was a female animal but there is no specific information about it so we can not say. But if it is a male, it is the only good male thing in the movie. They go so far with this aspect that even Harley Quinn becomes a good person in her own way.

I would understand if some woman would come up and say that she will make a movie to show men how to do it. And that’s exactly what Catchy Yan thought. I would respect it. Very much. I would even love it. Only if she did not multiply all the cliché and cringe that are in every movie.

All I can compliment in this movie is music. At least they are good. And maybe, possibly one more thing. Now that Gotham City is controlled by women, maybe it will be a better place. Because wherever women go into, they make it better. Only exception would be the directorship of the Harley Quinn.