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The semester is coming to its end soon. How has it been for you guys? Mine has been exhausting.

When deciding to stay here in Malta and finish my studies remotely I did not think of all the stress this might cause me. I knew it would be a lot of work, especially with the time frame I had given myself, but it still surprised me how difficult and tiring it could get.

Not only have I been working full-time and taking care of my son AND adjusting to the new country and culture, but I also went through the process of changing companies and positions. The recruitment process for my new position was stressful, finishing the thesis was a pain in the butt, having three different school projects going on at the same time was a handful and it just all seemed like too much at times.

But, here I am, still standing and now finishing the last courses. Once I graduate I can finally lay back a little and just watch Netflix on the weekends when my son goes to sleep. Oh, boy, have I missed that.

If I could do some things all over again regarding my decisions with my studies, there is still only one thing I would change: I would invest in a laptop that is designed for professional work. Might sound a bit weird, but that is the only thing that I would do differently, since my crappy 200 euro laptop does not make writing reports or searching information that easy. It has slowed me down on many¬†things, so my advice to everyone is: don’t be like Suvi and buy the cheapest.

It feels great to graduate soon, I proved a point here: having a child is not making things harder, it actually makes you work harder for your studies and motivates you. Having a child also does not mean you couldn’t move to another country and explore the world – not even when you are a single parent.

Whatever you do and whoever you are, plan big and then make your plans happen!


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