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Banking course was a one-week intensive course held during the International Week. The course topics consisted of banking and central banking operation, how banks work, what are the main products that banks offer and how to use banks in a beneficial way to your personal finances and such in a basic level. 


Profile of Professor Saša Žiković 

Mr. Žiković is a professor in University of Rijeka, the second largest university in Croatia. He is professor in banking, risk management and energy economics. In Rijeka, the class sizes vary from classes like the banking course here (prox.30 students) to amphitheatres. In first years the groups are bigger but then they get smaller. In smaller groups the interaction is easier, and also because 3th and in 4th year students already have better understanding in the field. Visiting lecturing is usual to Mr. Žiković and he is a full visiting professor in Hubert University in Berlin. He goes there every year to teach usually quantitate finance or mathematics. In Finland, the lecturers were through the Erasmus programme. He willingly does guest lecturing and enjoys the international exposure. Besides Finland and Germany, he has been lecturing in: Italy, Slovenia, Russia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Hungary. In Finland, he likes the interaction between students and professors. 

Mr. Žiković recommends Croatia in the sense of traveling, and for people considering a student exchange by mentioning the Mediterranean climate and the Mediterranean culture. Meaning that all the people are open, friendly and outspoken. In Rijeka faculty, they have international business course. The course is in total 5 years, and it is taught fully in English. The University of Rijeka is very exchange student friendly and Rijeka is a very rich student town.  


Profile of Ivan Gržeta 

Mr. Gržeta is a PhD student from University of Rijeka. He used to work in a bank. After getting a scholarship for PhD in banking, he became a doctor student in University of Rijeka. He works in the faculty as an assistant for Mr. Žiković. His schedule consists of writing articles and studying for his PhD, and assisting Mr. Žiković with his lectures. Mr. Gržeta feels that the approach in teaching in Finland is quite close to the usual approach in teaching in Croatia. This is his first foreign guest lecture, and he hopes more guest lecturing in different countries after finishing his PhD. He highly recommends the University of Rijeka, because of the kind atmosphere and because of how similar it is to our university in Kouvola. The atmosphere in Rijeka is on the other hand very different in comparison to Kouvola, because of the sea, the sun and the warmth. 


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