Dancing workshops


During International Week, all the attendees might have a good time enjoying amazing and sexy moves of our volunteers in dancing workshop sessions.  

In total, there were 04 workshops, all in main lobby: 

+ Salsa dance from Nikolaos Kitsoujas and Karin Metsapelto 

+ Hip-hop from Daria Chekalskaia, a XAMK student in Mikkeli. 

+ Bollywood dance from Olga Sharma, Anil Asnani, Hasib Irfan and Sudha Pudasaini 

+ Russian dance form Olga Sharma.  

Thank you all coachs to bring international rhythm into last week’s event making it more unforgettable and long-lasting in everyone’s minds. Moreover, it was a pleasure to have you there, our greatest- dancers-ever.  

Bollywood Dance
Salsa Dance
Russian Dance

Text: Long Nguyen / Photos: Long Nguyen and Trang Le