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In the modern world, humor is an important element in communicating with people, and nowadays it becomes even more essential in various fields of human activity than before.

Today we will try to understand the reason for this trend.

How does laughter affect a person?

Scientists say that laughter has health benefits and it is boosting the immune system and even reducing overeating and raising pain thresholds. There is also a newer treatment method called “humor therapy”, which uses laughter to help people heal faster.

Humor can help fight stress, and laughter relieves tension both physically and emotionally.

Humor in teams

Using humor during the team-building phase is an unobtrusive way to build strong relationships. A positive response to a joke encourages other team members to joke as well, speeding up the socialization process. Humor emphasizes understanding between team members and creates a sense of equality, unity and camaraderie.

Humor in business

Unfortunately, some people find it difficult to have fun in the workplace. Many people fail to see the connection between work and joy.

However, it can be introduced gradually, and eventually, it will become part of the work or even the culture of the organization. A business environment that allows for a little fun or enjoyment can attract highly skilled people, help a team become efficient faster, and achieve objectives.

Humor and fun have many advantages. They promote health, both personal and organizational. Humor draws people’s attention and helps them remember information better. It strengthens relationships between people, helps resolve conflicts, reduces stress, increases motivation, and facilitates negotiation. Also, in some business situations, a good joke will serve as a distraction to resist various kinds of manipulations.

In the same case, if you are a leader, but a sense of humor is not your cup of tea, but you want to reduce tension in your team, a simple smile will help to do it.

Humor in multicultural communication

Humor is an important part of effective interpersonal communication if it used reasonable and in the case. It is very easy to lose control here, which will lead to negative results, especially in multicultural communication. Each culture has very different approaches to humor. Although most of the jokes include elements of absurdity, suddenness, we should not forget that what you will find funny may be inappropriate to others.

I hope this article was able to underline the importance of humor, and that in the future, it will become a part of your life.

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