Tips for learning new languages

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Are you about to start learning a new language? Well, here are some great tips to bear in mind to make your learning journeys quick and more straightforward.

Before learning any language, you should prepare yourself and your mind that it may be hard for you to nail it from the beginning. Keep in mind that learning a new language could be a challenging process if you set unrealistic objectives. Also, every single language has its hard parts to assimilate and understand as a foreign language, bear that in mind.

First things first, look on the web and go through numerous blogs to gather information about the language you will be learning and its culture. If you are a foody person, look for famous dishes in the country. If you like music, take a look on youtube and see what you can find. These small activities can give you a motivation dose and make you eager about learning a new language.
So, number one is to be super motivated about learning a new language. Suppose you feel that you are not ready yet don’t think about starting the whole thing. You will drop everything sooner or later, and you will be quite disappointed. However, the question here is, how can you keep motivated? Realistic objectives and perseverance, the answer is that simple.

Setting a learning strategy is extremely helpful because you don’t get lost while having it. In other words, you will know what to do and where to start. For instance, you should find out if you will meet your final result using the strategy that you have chosen. Let’s say reaching B2 level in English within 12 months if you will be learning two days a week or maybe more than that. You should decide whether you need a teacher or you can handle it on your own.

Good resources
Always search for excellent and free resources. For example, there are plenty of free of charge applications that offer well-structured lessons, and you can access whenever you want. So don’t be concerned if you overthink about money. The main advantage of using an application is that you can always have it with you.

Have fun and enjoy your journey
Watching movies & series, listening to the radio and the music in the language you are learning is always really useful and fun. It makes you learn without really making an effort on the learning. Adding a couple of hours or maybe more of these activities in your planner might be entertaining.

Text and pictures by Ikram Bechari