Good Morning! How is it going? This week was full of events and work. Yesterday was held the «Nordic Business Forum» and students were able to watch the translation. There were 4 main speakers and were also discussed such important topics like: leadership skills after COVID-19, innovations in business and future of work at all. I think that taking part in this kind of events is necessary for students, because learning from the real CEOs and people, that are really good in, what they are doing, is the best way to improve skills and learn something new. One of the main points was, that we need to remake the work from office (an interesting book about this topic is called «Bullshit Jobs» written by David Graeber) and understand, that the amount of working hours doesn’t mean the efficiency. The value of work- that is what now important. Probably it was a great experience and hope, that students enjoyed the conference. 

By the way, the editorial staff was working hard too and has prepared a lot of interesting articles. Joonatan Berg will tel us about entertainment in Seoul and give tips, where to  go for a dinner. Do not read this article, if you are hungry, because pictures of food are really tasty!

Ikram Bechari is writing this week about learning languages and gives some useful advices, how to make this process faster and better at all. So, if you are planning to start learning Finnish or other languages, you must read this article.

My (Eva Morovshik) second article in this issue is about cooking. There are some popular myths about eggs, which everybody heard in their life at least ones. Also I’ve opened all secrets about making poached egg and give an example of a delicious morning toast.

Vlada Polishchuk is ready with the article about the importance of laugh in all life aspects. Interesting to look to the laugh on that side.

Ave-Liis Koobak has been to the cinema last week and she is ready with the movie review. In the article is written about the last Christopher Nolans film called «Tenet». It’s quite hard to catch the storyline but it does not matter, because the film is full of good scenes. People are comparing this move with another Christopher Nolans work «Inception» (highly recommend to listen the soundtrack of it written by Hans Zimmer, it’s stunning). Idea is a little bit simple (time in «Tenet» and idea in «Inception», strange worlds and traveling through space), but the main difference is that «Tenet» has no big message. Just a good blockbuster (with pretty Robert Pattison). Also, interesting thing is an extremely high rating of both movies: «Inception» has 8,8 IMDB and «Tenet» has 7,8 IMDB.

That’s all for today.

Have a nice rest of the week and enjoy fresh Insider Magazine issue!