Date Ideas: Kouvola Edition

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The weather we have right now might make our readers feel a little demotivated and bring down their excitement about going on a date this week. Afterall, you just cannot enjoy something in the outdoors with your special person if it rains and the wind blows all the time. But don’t you worry right there, who said that going to the park, having a picnic in the open or spending sometime on the beach were the only date plans one could have. This week, since there’s love everywhere, we bring our readers some alternate ways of taking their loved ones on a date in our own city of Kouvola.

1. Cliched cafés

Even if you’ve been in Kouvola for just over a month and still didn’t get a good look at the surrounding, it is quite impossible to ignore two most frequent places to go, one of which is a café. Although it might seem a little bit simple and clichéd, but who doesn’t love enjoy some nice time with their loved ones while sipping some nice exotic tea or coffee (which all Finns are truly in love with) and delicious cake to add to it.

E.g. Coffee House, Kahviputiikki Papulaari, Cafe Bar Naapantuura

2. Party-harders

The other thing that which is impossible to ignore in this city are its bars and pubs.

Bar-tour in Kouvola is something that might not disappoint you or your partner if drinking and having fun is something you mutually enjoy. Plus you never know what you might walk into in the next bar you walk-in as many of them are usually having special events and cocktails for their customers.

E.g. Brooklyn, The Banks, The House Of Rock, Jolene etc etc etc.

Oh for those of you who wants some club “action”, check out Club Touba.

3. True fans of Finnish hockey

If you are a fan of local hockey team Kookoo, the Liiga season is ON and our local team is currently sitting 4th on the table striving hard to move up and get their hands on the trophy. So even if you take your date for a match at the Lumon Arena, don’t expect anything less than full-on entertainment.

4. What’s better than sauna? – Avantouinti!

Going to the sauna is what you or your partner might do every week, even though it never gets boring. But who says you can’t spice things a little bit! And for that we have just the suggestion for you, in the swimming pools such as the ones in Valkela and Tykkimaki, you can go to the sauna and then as a follow up take a dip in the chilling water and feel more refreshed than ever. We know it sounds horrifying, but trust us on this one and experience the pleasure.

But if you are still having second thought about it, than as a substitute Jacuzzi is your safer but equally satisfying experience in this case.

5. Cinemas never get old..

Somethings can never lose their touch of being classy and a perfect example in this case is taking her or him to the see your favourite flix at the cinema. Enjoying some popcorn, candies and beverages while having some cinematic time with your loved one might just what you need.

Who knows maybe the movie reviewed in this issue might just not be that bad?

Written by: Prakhar Sharma and Anna Ryndina

Photos by: Anna Ryndina