Boxing method: the note-taking method you need for productive sessions

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Hello dear readers! I hope you are all safe in this tough period that we are all going through lately.
Well, last time I shared with you the Cornell method of note-taking. I hope you found it interesting.
This time, I want to share with you another note-taking method called the boxing method.

It’s mainly useful for digital note-taking. As notes can be moved & reordered after the lecture. 

In addition, this method works best if you have a class/session that is split into different sections that are still related in a sense.
Now, I´ll talk about the advantages and drawbacks of the boxing method of note-taking.

+ Pros

  • Segregates and organizes your notes in the form of boxes
  • Let you focus on one box at a time while reading
  • Help you memorise the relation between notes in a visual way
  • Perfect for people that take notes on a tablet

– Cons

  • Not suitable for every lecture type
  • Doesn’t work well if no overall topics can be assigned to a group of notes
  • Requires additional time to group the notes in the end or during the lecture
  • Please check below an example of the boxing method that you can use.
Also, bear in mind that using colors and highlighters is very beneficial and helps a lot in the memorizing process. 
That was all for today. I hope that the boxing method will help you being better at note-taking.

Stay tuned and stay safe :).