Change The History

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There is a game in steam, developed by paradox. Europa Universalis IV. Before we start, I have been surfing in steam to see what people thought about it. Overall reviews show highly recommended but recent reviews shot mixed. I wondered and check why is that and the answer is because they developed a new launcher for the game which does not effect the game-play but for some reason people did not like it. Also, most of the negative reviews are based on the DLC pricing which is actually overwhelming. But as a player that just played the basic game, I loved it.

The earliest stage of the game starts in 1444, Rise of the Ottomans. You can, day by day, change the starting time of your game experience. But this is only 1 of the freedoms that the game gives you. We are used to play history games which we have been allowed to pick one of the nations, mostly in or around Europe, and we would have to build a state and destroy others. This has a lot more. First of all, you can pick any nation. Including eastern or native Americans. Or Africans. I am not historian but I could say there is too many nations to choose. After that, when you start the game, what you do with that nation is completely for you to decide. You can pick ottoman empire and became christian, duh.

The freedom of the game is what made me love it most. But the difficulty is also something I like. Even in very easy mode, it is very challenging. All the alliances need to be considered, trading is something you can not forget for a moment because your economy will collapse. You have to keep track on your rival countries because they might be going too strong or creating a coalition against you, which will probably lead into ruining your country. All those details just make the game harder, and people who love challenge in a game will love this. The time this game takes to learn is something not recommended for students. Since there are so many details, getting good at this game consumes very long time. Just play it in your holidays when you do not have homework to do. Because when you start, a war follows another, an agreement creates a problem, you want to fix those before you leave the game and you check the time. It has been 9 hours. It is 4 in the morning and you have a class at 8. Do not do that. Play on your holidays.