EDITORIAL – Before the break


As the world-famous proverb goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, I believe that the weekly holidays occurring right in the middle of the study semester like the autumn holidays and the skiing holidays are there to make us realize that it is a time for some break from the normal monotonous life. It is just not the body that needs rest, the mind demands some time-off from the presentations, exams and deadlines.

Therefore, next week i.e. from 20th till 27th October, the autumn break is here to give us the opportunity to enjoy few days before the winter is here. Many students during this time plan trips, while some stay home and spend this time with their loved ones and that brings even more meaning to these holidays.

Not to forget, the past week was quite happening for the students, as the university organized the Nordic Business Forum 2019 livestream straight from Helsinki, which let students experience many great speakers and orators from around the world. On this account, in this issue Anna’s going to tell you more about how NBF19 went. For our sport lovers, Lidia is back with her weekly ice hockey review. Our exchange journalist Jasmine is here to tell you about her visit to the Old Town of Tallinn. Also, this issue has our editor-in-chief with his special article in which he continues from his previous article that he wrote before summer break and wants to give our readers some insight into the world of straps of the watches they wear. To introduce some new student faces, Arian is here with his Student Story and this week we expect the gamers in the campus to be happy as Muhammet reviewed the game Europa Universalis IV and the Nikita is as usual back with his critical opinion on the Will Smith starrer Gemini Man.

So, remember, don’t be a Jack and enjoy this autumn break because there is something spooky coming up on the other end of it. (BOO!)