Cultural Shock


Before leaving my country the only I know about Finland is that it’s one of the happiest place to be in the world and that was what inspired me to be here. It’s my first time in Finland and to me Finland is a beautiful place with beautiful trees and beautiful people. I’ve experienced a lot of culture shock here in Finland and this is because we do things way differently in my country. The food, transport system, the housing and the weather.


This is the first Finnish food I ate, it looks much because I wanted to have a taste of everything and it tastes really good with no spice especially the potatoes and the fish. This picture looks funny to me because it made me feel like a glutton but bit was worth it because it tasted good and it’s my first time tasting a less spicy food.


I used the bus and the bicycle as my means of transportation, the bus setting is so different from where I come from. You have to check the time and you have to be on time which was really new to me.


The housing system here is mostly linear settlement and very organized which makes it easier to find directions or locate addresses. This has been a great advantage to me because the system of housing makes it easier to use google map locator. Where I come from we use disperse settlement.


The weather here is a bit confusing, sometimes its very cold and sometimes is less cold which is strange to me, i guess it’s an Autumn thing because it’s my first time experiencing Autumn season. In Nigeria we only have Rain and Dry season. I am yet to experience the rest of the seasons here.

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