Dress good, feel good


We have all at some point felt better when we dressed well. Going to a special event and putting clothes that you like or just having comfortable and clean clothes lifts the mood for anybody. With a better mind, you become more confident and are more likely to treat others around you better and you are more likely to succeed at school or your job. We have to also take it into an account that some people work in jobs or study at schools that require a certain dress code and this limits your creativity in dressing. However, these tips can be used outside work or school. 

Dressing well does not mean following the latest fashion trends and constantly buying new clothes. The idea is to wear clothes that you find comfortable and are flattering to you.  That can be your favorite scarf or your most comfortable jeans. Remember to always consider buying Second-hand if that option is available for you. Dressing well means different things for different people, but here are few clothing tips that will lift your mood.  

Nice pair of earring 

Earrings can lift the mood and compliment the whole look. They exist in different colors and shapes. Stud earrings are small and are fit for the people that like to keep it simple. Teardrop or chandelier earrings fit beautifully with dresses. Remember that, ear piercing is not necessary for you to wear earrings since there are many kinds of clip earrings in the market.   

Comfortable shoes 

There is a reason why many people wear running shoes to almost any occasion. Running shoes are often very comfortable and your feet sit well in them. When buying shoes, it is important to invest in quality because good shoes also affect your posture. Measure your feet before going shopping and remember to try them with the socks you usually use at the store. Additionally, walk a little bit around the store to see how they feel. With these tips, you will avoid buying bad shoes for you.  

With the above clothing pieces, you can start your day with a good feeling. Especially in Finland where winters can be dark and depressing, a pair of colorful earrings can lift anyone’s mood. Additionally, a nice warm sweater is a must when living in Finland. Thrift stores are full of quality clothing pieces at affordable pricing. 

Text and picture by Marian Keinan  

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