Eating with no hunger: disaster of 21 century


It is not a secret that the impact of food is enormous to our life’s quality. The products, that we choose every day, influence not only on, how we are looking alike, but also on our mental health and even the level of feeling pleased with life. Now I will ask you one question and you will understand, what I am talking about. Were there any days or any occasions, when you were unhappy and decided to eat something sweet to feel more satisfied and relax? If not, you are lucky! But if this is a normal situation for you, do not worry and try to understand, why this is happening again and again.

What is it?

In psychology, it is called Emotional eating. Emotional eating is eating when you are not feeling physical hunger and there is no real need for a new meal. You are using food for solving emotional or psychological problems. At the moment, you are feeling happier but it makes you feel worse because of overeating and realizing that the problem is still existing and disturbing you.

Why does this happen?

A medical explanation of this phenomenon is that the food that is full of sugar or simple carbohydrates (mostly people prefer sweets and junk in case of emotional eating) is providing power and feeling better for a short period. The action of sugar and simple carbohydrates is not forever, and in one moment you will understand that life is much worse than was (because the action of those two has already ended). There is no one answer or solution to this problem, which will fit everybody because the disaster (nearly in all cases) is deep inside you. Some people are emotionally overeating for a huge amount of time so the pattern to behave in this way is extremely lasting.

What to do?

To be honest, there is only one good way- go to the psychologist and talk about this problem. If you realize that overeating is something new for you, you could try to find out, why this is happening independently. Take a piece of paper or open notes on your phone and try to write down all the situations, after which you want to eat. What were you expecting to feel? What has gone wrong? Are there any better solutions instead of emotional eating?

Always keep in mind that the food will give you happiness only for a limited time. Eating is not the answer. The answer is in solving the problem, which is hidden behind.