Hi lads and lasses!

Will you look at that, it is the last issue of the school year. How is it even possible? Didn’t I just write my first recipe for fluffy pancakes yesterday? A year passed by as quick as it could be, which really makes you think what on earth you have been doing for the past months.

Either way, us Insider staff brought you our usual articles this week. Hafsa is back at it again with the compelling book review, our girl really reads a lot. Stela shared with us her review on an amazing album by Leif – our former Insider staff, (who will come back next year!) alongside with a QR code so you can conveniently listen to his tracks while reading our magazine. Lingli got off her usual Profile segment and gave us some helpful traveling tips in China that you can make use of in your next trip to her country. We also got an intriguing article on Origami by Trung and another movie review by Nikita. Trang brought us two articles this week: her StartUp Passion experience and another mouth-watering recipe. As for me, I wrote a review on SIMULACRA – a horror game that you might want to check out.

And there you go, the last issue of the year. As always, we hope you have a good read. There will be lots of changes in our team next year but our ultimate goal is always to bring you quality entertainment and useful tips. Have a fun summer and see y’all soon!

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