Welcome to the first edition of Insider this autumn semester.

What a wonderful summer we had here in Finland, the longest and warmest that I have experienced in all my years in Finland. Speaking of which, 22 years ago today (14.9.1996) I arrived at Helsinki airport knowing nothing at all about Finland. However, I soon came to appreciate the nature and beauty that is Finland, and the great quality of life that can be experienced here.

Another anniversary is also coming soon, that of Insider itself. On February 9th 1999, the very first issue of Insider, that first issue named “Business Department News”, came hot off the photocopier. We were a small, young, and inexperienced team in those days. A lot has happened with Insider since that time, and therefore we are planning a big celebration in February 2019 where we will invite everyone that has been a part of Insider since the beginning. More on that closer to the time, but a heads-up to those ex-editorial staff that are reading this – make a date in your diary for February!

Last semester we started a Mikkeli version of Insider but unfortunately we have not been able to find a team there this semester. My thanks to all of the Mikkeli editorial team for last semester, there were some really great articles, and wonderful to see the student life in Mikkeli. If you and a few friends in Mikkeli would like to take up the challenge of producing a Mikkeli edition this year, let us know at insider@xamk.fi as soon as possible.

We have a couple of additions to the Kouvola team this year, and hopefully a new Editorial Assistant starting their internship at Insider. In case you missed it, there is still time to apply for the position, suitable for anyone from any campus, more information can be found on our website and Facebook page.

That’s all from me this week, I hope you will have a great autumn, on or off campus!

Hugh Clack
Editor in Chief