Would you look at that, it is another issue of INSIDER. Let’s dive right in to see what articles we have in store for you this week, shall we?

First off, the usual Profile segment from our girl Stela. Make sure to check it out to see who the special guest this week is! Leif is back at it again with another thought-provoking article on procrastination – one phenomenon which perhaps every one of us could relate to. To be honest, his swift metaphors and satire really hook me in, not just because this guy is a native speaker (or is it?).

Either way, Marija – one of our recently welcomed INSIDER staff brought us a delightful article on the nature of college students all over the globe: party. If you are a newbie at XAMK and you were a bit hesitated to go to our student parties, check out her article to see what fun you can get and maybe consider spending a night out next time (?). About me, I brought you an article on Mid-Autumn Festival. If you want to know what that is and how the heck I could turn it into an article, make sure to check it out. Alongside with articles from the presented staff at XAMK, we are also blessed with the fascinating exchange view from sunny and lively Budapest by Alisa.

That is it for this week. Enjoy!

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