Hey everyone, it’s been a long time since I last wrote an editorial so excuse me if I suck at it, I totally forgot how to do this. This week we have a lot of new variations and themes, where I think everyone will find themselves a lot.

I am sure most of y’all will find the movie recommended this week both romantic and funny at the same time, which for me is pretty awesome don’t you think? On the other hand we have different points of view from different people who went for exchange in Hungary and Czech Republic. I bet there are still some of you thinking about going for the exchange right? if yes then these will be perfect for you.

The recipe this week is amazing and I can guarantee that because it looked so good that I decided to go ahead and try it for myself. Since I got a cold lately I thought that a hot dish would actually give me some more energy and more motivation, and guess what? Yup I already felt better after cooking and eating it all to myself: 3.

Another interesting topic is the profile for this week starring Annika Salmi as well as the insides of the Family Friends program who had a lot of interested participants getting to know new people and why not making some new friends as well.

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