Repovesi Trip


We had a small hiking trip to Repovesi last Wednesday and it was great. Repovesi is basically one of the many national parks in Finland and offers free adventures for everyone. There was a tour guide who spoke mostly in Finnish, giving us information as the majority of our group were Finns. For the ones who are disabled in Finnish like us, even though we’ve been staying here for two years or so, there was, I think a student, who translated everything for us.

We mostly hiked around a very teeny tiny part of Repovesi and made a few stops to listen to our guide. First time ever I went on a hand-operated Fox’s Ferry. It was so cool and my arms malfunctioned for a minute after pulling the ferry’s rope to go to the other side of the lake. We had a rest stop mid-way of our hiking to have free sausages, bread, coffee and tea but apparently, I was too busy enjoying the sausages and tea that I forgot to take any kind of pictures for documentary. There were a few Insider staffs who also participated the trip but it seemed no one had the intention of letting others know that we had free sausages there. The hiking was awesome: the breezy weather, the greeny scenery, a free leg-day, the free sausages and such. We sat on cliff looking down the overall view of the national park, listened to the sound of nature and imagine how ancient people used had a fire camp there, guarding their territories. I wouldn’t have done that if our guide had not told us to though. I was too busy finding a good spot to take pictures for this article but the forests and the rocks got in my way. couldn’t come up with any other good idea so I just followed those wise words of the guide instead.

On our way back to the entrance of the park, we had to cross the lake but the rope bridge was down so we row the boats instead. It was awesome. Overall, the trip was so worth it and after an afternoon of exhausting our strength like that, I thought to myself: “Let’s do it again lol.”

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