October is here and so is Insider! You’re holding the 4th issue of Volume 22 of our magazine, I’m Nikita and let me tell you what you can expect to find on its pages.

It seems like the topic of this one is journeys. Jasmine, for example, has visited my beloved hometown in Russia, St. Petersburg. It was the first time for our Austrian student to come to Mother Russia, so she shared her thoughts on it. Warning! After reading what she has to say, you might want to visit St. Petersburg as well!

We also have our editor in chief, Hugh Clack, with his article (sorry Hugh, I probably should’ve put you first). Mr Clack, unlike Jasmine, went to his native UK, where he had a not-so-secret mission to visit Cranfield University. Hugh tells us about how he spent his time there, as well as maybe exciting opportunities for XAMK in the future. Be sure to check out his article!

Prakhar had his first experience with ice hockey, which is a huge thing for Finns! He went to see a Kookoo, team from Kouvola, play against their competitors from Turku. He wasn’t really an ice hockey fan at all, so did his idea to see what it is turn him into one? Read his article and find out!

Lidia, who’s my fellow Russian, wrote about Finnish. It’s one of the hardest languages to learn (trust me, I spent yhdeksän years at school trying to learn it. Forgot everything), so she gives her opinion on the language and some piece of advice as well. Might be useful to you, dear foreigners!

Going on with foreigners in Finland, we have Claudia Riva from Italy. Anna Ryndina spoke with Claudia for Student Profile, so be sure to check it out if you wanna know about somebody else from XAMK!

We also have Sara, a design student from XAMK who speaks about her studies, job, obstacles and good parts of it too. Ever think about changing your major to design? There you go! Design student are also very welcome to read the articles and see if they can relate.

I myself am ready to present another movie review to you. This time I watched a film based on a popular TV show, Downtown Abbey. Was it good? Was it meh? You’ll learn from my article.

Happy reading and welcome to October,

Nikita Munenko