Hi. How are you today? 

January has come and gone already. Thus, if you still somehow feel lost about your plans this semester, make a move now or regret later. Chase adventures, joy, kindness and all the little things life offers to you. No matter what you do and where you go, you’ll reach your destinations as long as having hope and faith in your heart.

As snow is back and Kouvola has been incredibly covered in the white color, why not set up a cozy coffee time with your friends after school? Just to remind: bring Insider with you to not miss all the good stories from our team this week.

Now let’s have a quick look! Lidia is going to introduce you all about the Runeberg Day, which is named after the famous poet – author of Finland’s national anthem “Maamme”. Whilst, Arian had chance to meet Lida – the president of Student Union Kaakko. He would surely bring you an interesting story about this amazing girl and Kaakko as well.

We might say “We are so busy in our daily life” as an excuse for procrastinating in reducing energy and waste to protect the environment. However, you will not be alone on this green journey and it will never be too late to challenge yourself. Let’s follow Claudia’s sharing and see how we can develop a green lifestyle as a student in 10 simple ways, shall you? 

Dear baking lover, “a homemade apple pie” must definitely be on your bucket list all year long. Anna would tell the best secret of baking a perfect a sweet apple filling and a tender crust. While the snow is falling outside, any weeknight meal can be more special to enjoy the delicacy and great smell of this apple pie in the cozy kitchen corner. 

Hmm, have you followed our university Instagram or Facebook page yet? J  Because Muhammet would reveal his critique about the social media channel of XAMK in some ways. And to end this issue is a movie review from Prakhar. 1917 movie – the journey to find life amidst a brutal war is promised not to let you down even one second.

Enjoy reading and welcome to February.

With much love,