Welcome our fantastic readers to this week’s issue.

We all hope that you had a great time enjoying International Week 2017 at XAMK in Kouvola. We recorded what happened this week and will publish them in the next issue. Stay tuned!

In this issue, you can find some tips for health and well-being helping to overcome crisis and stresses. A cake recipe may satisfy your stomach in the weekend. You can also read through our movie review and get up-to-date film schedule. For gameaholics, South Park might be a good choice for you.

Youtube as a career and Exchange view from Malta will give you fascinating insights into profession aspects. There are also 02 appealing events in Mikkeli reported by our current affairs which may interest you.

Check them out now or you will regret.

Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen

XAMK International Business '17, Kouvola.
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