Today we have prepared a rather interesting and useful issue for our readers. So, let’s go!  

First of all let’s welcome our new member in Insider team Vlada Polishchuk. We  wish you good luck in writing  articles! In this issue she will tell a little about herself.  

Next, our fashion expert Marian Keinan will talk about how the clothes we wear effect our mood, emotions, share fashion tips and give her own explanation what is meant by the phase “well-dressed”.  

In the cooking block today Ikram Bechari share with us a surprisingly simple to prepare, delicious, and most importantly low-calorie cake without added sugar. Sounds great, doesn’t it?   

In the category  “Let’s go to the movies”. Our movie reviewer Ave-Liis Kobak will tell you about the upcoming top 5 novelties in the world of cinema that are worth going to the cinema and give a brief review about each of them.  

Happy reading!  

Lidiia Benkovskaia  

Lidiia Benkovskaia
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