This week issue is special because today Senior Lecturer & International Studies Coordinator at Kouvola Campus, Professional photographer at Valokuvaaja Hugh Clack is having a birthday! Editorial staff congratulates you and wishes all the best!

However, winter has been already here. Today’s the fourth of December, it means that Christmas is coming to us in less then 3 weeks. There is not a lot of snow still but I am sure that these winter will be full of it (because if not, it will be really disappointing).

Faster than Christmas is coming the end of the Autumn semester. Studies these year have confronted a big variety of problems because of Coronavirus and it’s impact on our everyday life. Hopefully, it does not affect a lot on the students knowledge and results.

This week issue consist of amazing articles, in which everybody can find something to read. Do you know anything about Independence Day in Finland? It’s national holiday here so don’t miss it, more info about these day is inside the article, which is prepared by Lidiia Benkovskaia. Ikram Bechari is sharing with us an easy receipt of making home cookies, also there are some useful tips so read the article till the end. Marian Keinan has a movie review these week. A film is called «Billie» and is a documentary on the famed jazz singer, Billie Holiday. Ave-Liis Koobak has made a book review. The novel «Call Me by Your Name» is written by an American author André Aciman in 2007. Also, there is an amazing movie based on this books. It was filmed in Italia so views are catching a breath,  besides it the play of actors is very worthy too. Hugh Clack wrote these week about online stores and their impact on local retailers and Merveille Bivu Ndonga’s article is about 6 things that you shouldn’t do in a rush.

Stay safe, follow the new covid-19 restrictions and enjoy our new Insider magazine issue.