Hello dear readers, here I am, again, writing the editorial. The last time was in January, and only now I noticed how time flies.

As you may all know, we have been studying online since the start of January. It wasn’t pleasant. However, I must say that I’m really grateful for having such teachers and lecturers who make a huge effort in trying to encounter the challenges in distance teaching (learning). 

Anyway, let me now talk about this week’ issue.
In this week’ issue, you will find in the recipe section Ave-Liis’ article about the buns.
In another article you will find Vlada’s article, where she talks about why it is important to be creative nowadays and how to improve your creativity.
In addition,this week, in Marian’s article you’ll find out more about fun activities that we can all do at home during this pandemic situation.

Then, Merveil will talk about his skiing day spent at the Mielakka resort. Go and check the pictures in his article.

Jonathan this time will share with us his experience coming back to Finland from South-korea after his exchange studies.

Also, you will find the last article of Lidiia after a long journey at Insider Magazine. It’s always sad to say goodbye to someone, even if you have known him/her for a short period, right? Goodbye Lidiia.

With no further talking (writing), I will let you enjoy your reading.

Thank you and stay safe 🙂