Although the pandemic is getting worse, it is nice to notice that spring is coming. The days are longer, and the sun is melting the snow. We are slowly waking up from winter hibernation and hopefully, the minds of the students woken. Ikram went to an event organized by one of our classmates. The event was in collaboration with ITMO University. She shares her experience and how it benefited her.  

Now that most students are practicing distance learning, it is important to learn ways how to study at home. Merveille shares his 10 tips for learning online. It has vital information for every student. He for example talks about plagiarism and time management. Vlada discusses the important topics of diversity, inclusivity, and the treatment of women. I share a horrific event that happened in London and how it sparked nation-wide discussion on the safety of women. This topic is relevant, and most students have heard about it. Eva shares one of her favorite authors.  

Ave-Liis shares the recipe of the week and it is a great comfort dessert especially during this lockdown. 

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