Why is it important to be creative?


Creativity means the ability of consciousness to create something new and of value.

The increase in the speed of information exchange has become our reality. In order to keep up and be relevant, you need to be an open and creative person.

Creative thinking is the process of generating ideas. Therefore, it also exists at the junction with other competencies: critical thinking – the ability to evaluate ideas, collaboration – the ability to generate ideas in a team, creative thinking – the ability to visualize ideas, and many others.

Creativity as competence is becoming more and more in demand as simple everyday work is performed by robots. A person devotes more time to complex tasks to create new technologies, products, entertainment. Non-standard situations, rapidly changing environments require quick creative solutions.

Creativity is a gift available to everyone. Some attribute this quality to a special “creative breed” of people or creative professions (marketers, writers, directors, artists), but say to themselves: “Well, I’m not one of the creative people.”

Scientists have not been able to find any “creativity gene.” Like any other skill, it just takes practice. Without practice, you cannot learn to drive a car, ski, or even read and write. The same applies to creativity. The more creative is present in a person’s life, the more creative he becomes.

How to develop creativity?

1)      Drawing is the easiest way to use the right side of your brain’s creative hemisphere.

Everyday life work, home often requires making decisions with the participation of logic, and this is the involvement of the left hemisphere. By drawing, you activate the work of the right hemisphere of the brain, new neural connections are created in it. That is, those areas of the brain that we do not use in our daily activities are turned on. By the way, many outstanding people have increased their creativity through drawing. Drawing activates certain neurological processes and a person can find insight, good ideas may appear.

2) The exit from the comfort zone.

Routine kills creativity. You need to do something new, something that you have not done before, or you do not do every day. Learn something new, expand the boundaries of your knowledge and experience. The new is not born on the old or empty.

For example, start commuting in new ways to work. Here you are also improving the right hemisphere, as it is involved in orienteering, ordering a new dish for lunch, talking about new topics.

3) Create a comfortable atmosphere.

We were all creative in childhood, we were not afraid to feel awkward expressing something unusual. Then our ideas and fantasies began to be evaluated and we started to listen to criticism, began to understand that not everyone likes our crazy ideas.

And since we touched on the topic of atmosphere, it is important to say that in companies that value creativity, maintain a safe comfortable environment for ideas, employees feel comfortable proposing solutions and are ready for change and experimentation.

I hope these simple tips will help you, and most importantly, remember Creativity is not an innate quality, but a skill that can and should be developed.