Hello everyone! Hope that you are doing great because studies are ending soon and summer holidays are not far. Just concentrate for a small period of time and after feel free to relax.

Back to study topic, this week issue contain an interesting article called the ‘School year’ written by Ave-Liis Koobak. My opinion is nearly the same, studying online was a huge challenge for everyone and (to be honest) not the best one. Our editorial team hope that covid-19 situation will get better and next study year everyone will start in normal way.

Also in this week issue there are several articles connected to green topic. Marian Keinan published a text, where she is exploring popularity of vegan go. Is it only fashionable or really important for the Earth? Find your own answer. Merveille Bivu Ndonga doesn’t give us any answer for this question but tells in his article how to grow an avocado. Do you know how? Me not! So hurry up and read.

However, my article is not connected to the studies or health. I have written an interesting text about my trip to Kaliningrad (a Russian city located in the middle of Europe). If you don’t now anything about it, it is time to open the mind.

And the last. We are all bored of lockdown and restrictions. It is very important to calm down, and, if there aren’t any other solutions, confirm everything, what is happening. Keep in mind that lockdown is not forever and we will get back to norma. I believe.

Have a nice week and enjoy our new short but interesting issue!