Baltic Sea, 35mm

Kaliningrad: Russian suburban or a part of Europe


My today article will be about an amazing trip to Kaliningrad but first some news!Covid-19 situation in Finland is not getting better, only worse from my side of view, that’s why I decided to move to my hometown. Now I am living in Russia nearly for one month and cannot say that I am feeling like it was a best decision. However, in  the case of lockdown and restrictions, it was the only thing that I could do.

More than one year without traveling makes all of us nervous and upset, so I decided  to travel inside Russia and have chosen one specific Baltic city, which is known by many people because of its strange location. Kaliningrad is a Russian city, located between Poland and Lithuania. This happened because before the 2 World War it was a part of a Germany and the name of the city was Koenigsberg. During the war city was badly destroyed, nowadays there is a mix of a German reconstructed architecture and Soviet Union architecture.

I was there for 6 days and highly recommend to spend not less than one week. So! Why this city is interesting? It’s a very strange phenomenon, like Kaliningrad is not  looking like Russia, not like Europe. Kaliningrad is something else and I have loved this something else. Mix of cobblestone streets and monumental soviet buildings, for example «House of soviets». This construction is built on the hill and looks like Minecraft house, actually these days it’s abandoned. Constructors made incorrect calculations and there is a risk that house will collapse.

Besides Kaliningrad itself, you should visit towns called Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk. They are so tiny and calm, both have amazing embankment and people. Also you can surf in Zelenogradsk. I think it is wonderful! 

Hope that you will visit this place one day and enjoy. Stay safe and travel through the content and books, if you have no other possibilities.