Hello fellows. This might be my first and last editorial.

So, as for now I have been writing some book reviews. But one thought has struck to me. Maybe I am having a bit too many things going on, especially when regarding my poor time management skills. I started writing this just after midnight, it’s Thursday now. I am a person who has recently noticed the burden all these courses can give you. I have noticed it’s maybe a little bit harder to remember what things I still should do. And I know that it’s going to get even more stressful and busy. I have to leave something out.

But let’s keep this editorial a little bit more positive. My first semester at XAMK has been quite nice so far. My first courses include “Intercultural competences” and “Intensive course on presentation skills”. Those courses have been diverse and inclusive, thus keeping one more motivated and intrigued during the classes.

And how do I like Kouvola? Well, I must say that I miss water and maybe nature and some space as well. I just moved to this 81-thousand-people city from a lovely town called Lieksa. About I like how the services and restaurants are near. Transport connections are quite awesome compared to where I used to live. Also the population of Kouvola is like over seven times that of Lieksa.

Then to what I liked more about Lieksa. So, Lieksa is a town in Eastern Finland with population of 10 622. It’s a town full of nature which is one thing I love about it. Located on coast of 4th largest lake of Finland, it’s a town with water. The river flows right past too. In conclusion Lieksa has water and nature, Kouvola has people and connections. Lieksa is a town, Kouvola is a city. Despite of that I prefer town centre of Lieksa compared to city centre of Kouvola. It is more spacy and simpler and is actually the centre of the town. Meanwhile city centre of Kouvola is not as much of a city centre, as Veturi shopping centre has stolen people from the city centre. And to this critique I shall finish this editorial.