This week was really various, in one day we had minus degree, on the next day sun and after that this mix of snow and rain. All these factors report the approach of winter and Christmas atmosphere.

We can already see how centre of cities becomes brighter due to garlands and different decorations. Store shelves also start looking more New Year and it inspired me to find and share with you the best recipe of gingerbread cookies, which you will find on the following pages of our magazine.

What else can you find while reading this issue? Of course, weekly review on film, but for this week, Douaa changed our usual writer Joonatan with her fresh view. Rahmat interviewed Jenni from student union Kaakko to make it clear what their functions are and some other questions about Kaakko in general. Quyen, who found workplace in Veturi mall, will describe its life from inside. As winter coming, I wish you have a nice mood and feelings of coming holidays and wear warmer cloth to not let the cold wind and rain mess up it.