Student Story

student story

My name is Viveka Titola, I’m 22 years old.

I was born in Myllykoski and moved to Kouvola like 7 years ago.
It was during high school when we moved here and I enjoyed my time in high school cause it was one of the most popular schools in the area (Lyseo high school). While growing up I tried to be a good student, my average grade was 9.3 so I was a bit nerdy trying to be a perfectionist.

When I was 6 years old, I started dancing and I continued during primary school as a cheerleader. I was very ambitious and always wanted to be the best in what I was doing. To this day dancing is a part of me and now I give dancing lessons. Along the way, I took some instruction courses about gymnastics exercises. About 8 years ago I started coaching youngsters and now I train adults as well.

After finishing high school took a break for 6 months. I applied for different jobs and worked as a cashier in a store. I really liked the customer service but when I went back to dancing lessons it reminded me how much I enjoy moving freely with peoples around. My father, which I adore him alot was involved in the theatre here in Kouvola and my grandparents had a musical band. They made their own cd music and they had few small gigs around here. Probably it’s my bloodline to be an energetic and expressive person.

Not being happy with my job I decided to look forward and study. Digital business (tradenomi digitaalinen liiketoiminta monimuoto opinnot) was a new studying program at XAMK at 2017 and got my interest, at the time I didn’t know that it was going to change my life direction. Now I’m working on my thesis, the journey I had during studies it’s priceless. The thesis theme is to research influencer marketing in Emma Gala’s activity and how they could develop it.

Xamk is one of the main collaborators of the Emma Gala. Last year I took part in the course where we get to plan a digital marketing strategy for Emma Gala and my team’s strategy was chosen to be the best one. Now we got the opportunity to put our strategy in the practice. 

I’m thankful to XAMK for giving to me the best education and clear the way for me towards my dreams. Kouvola it’s a small town and I guess rumors fly fast cause after joining XAMK, I got a call from a high-quality fashion store to which I applied before but got rejected, now they wanted me back.
I’ve been there for about 2 years. I stopped there cause now I’m doing an internship in XAMK in the marketing department but they told me that I can always go back.

It gives me the security to know that I’ve got a place to go after graduating but during studies, I grew a lot personally and professionally now I want to move around and have more experience. I have my own blog that I write about my personal life. Feel free to check it out and comment however you feel about it

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