Welcome back to a new academic year and the first Insider of the semester.

First of all, I want to welcome our old (Suvi and Setareh) and new (Hafsa, Lingli, Long, Lotta, Stela, Trang, and Wonder) editorial staff here in Kouvola Campus. We are also now expanding Insider staff to include Mikkeli Campus, and joining us from this autumn are Anastasia and Daria. To keep our international image, Suvi is our overseas reporter, as she is working and studying remotely from the sunny island of Malta. Nice for some!

As usual, we are going to bring you our regular columns of the movie review and student cooking tips. We will also continue to report on events and happenings on and around campus both in Kouvola and Mikkeli, as well as other places. Look out for student union and organisation happenings, Patteri Entrepreneurship Society events (one is coming quite soon), the Kouvola Campus International Week, and so on.

This week the Kouvola Campus was hosting some guests from Croatia and Delhi. You can read about the experiences of two of the lecturers as they answered some questions put to them by Insider. Two visiting students from Delhi have also written an article based on their cultural experiences so far in Finland. From Mikkeli, Anastasia and Daria bring you the Mikkeli Art & Design Week and the Digital Quest. Suvi introduces her series of articles set in Malta, which we will run all through this semester, telling of her experiences of balancing work, studying and family life.

We hope you will enjoy this issue, and as always, if you have any wishes for future articles, complaints or congratulations, tips about happenings, or have your own article to submit, please let us know at insider@xamk.fi.