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“Friends” is a well-known 90’s sitcom worldwide produced by Marta Kauffman, David Crane and Kevin Bright which premiered in 1994 portraying the lives of 6 adults in their 20s who grow together as friends and eventually becoming family. Their adventures throughout the series brought many emotions to the viewers as the actors were able to have the fans hooked to their show for a decade and even after. The storyline is mainly based in Central Perk coffee shop and their apartment in New York city where all the heartwarming events took place.

The cast did a phenomenal job in each of their characters. Jennifer Aniston portraying Rachel Green the fashionista, David Schwimmer portraying Ross Geller the Nerdy Palaeontologist, Courtney Cox portraying the perfectionist and dedicate chef, Mathew Perry portraying Chandler Bing the king of sarcasm with a kind heart, Lisa Kudrow portraying Phoebe Buffay the quirky eccentric musician   and Matt LeBlanc portraying Joey Tribbiani the struggling actor who’s a beloved character in the show.

“Friends” is all about that “drama” we face on a regular basis such as love, friendship, marriage, heartbreaks, unemployment, new jobs, family life, divorce, children etc. and the cast showed each and every moment with their witty humor which brought this show closer to many fans across the world.  The show starts with Rachel Green leaving her Fiancé at the altar and running away to New York city looking for her friend Monica Geller who’s the sister of Ross Geller. Rachel runs into Monic and the rest of the gang at Central Perk coffee shop. Rachel being a daddy’s girl have made the choice to become an independent lady like her friends and they support her with everything they can.

The story goes on with many ups and downs between them and the main highlights are Rachel and Ross’s relationship throughout the series where they were on and off but eventually having a baby together, Monica and Chandler being married and adopting twins as they were struggling to become parents, Phoebe who had a terrible childhood  and many failed relationship finding true love and being married to him and Joey who struggled as an actor become stable in his career after his big break in his character “Dr. Drake Ramoray” in “Days of our lives”.

 After 17 years the cast reunited on May 17th 2021 for HBO Max’s Friends: The Reunion. The fans from all around the world showed their love and shared their positive experience on how the show has helped them overcome their struggles, mental health issues and many more. In all circumstances binge-watching the “Friends” sitcom has brought comfort to many souls over the years. The reunion in particular was a treat for the cast and crew as they got to revisit their set and relive the glory days. This episode marks Mathew Perry’s final on screen appearance before his unfortunate death in October 2023.

“Friends” show us the fundamental importance and concepts of human existence which revolves around love and friendship. As the theme song of the show depicts “I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too”, It is evident that this show will have its legacy live for many decades inspiring generations to come.

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