An Attractive Moment of the Indian Day Celebrations Bollywood Dancing Time

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At our university, where every day is an opportunity to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of global cultures, embracing diversity is a fundamental ethos. An especially joyous day, evoking the vibrant and exuberant essence of Indian Day celebrations, was set aside for a Bollywood dance. The occasion was timed to coincide with an Indian-inspired celebration that invited staff members and students to experience the exuberant world of Bollywood dance.

An introduction to Bollywood dance, a kaleidoscope of rhythm, movement, and colorful storytelling, kicked off the event. Bollywood dance, in contrast to Hollywood dance styles, is a distinctive blend of folk dances, modern influences, and classical Indian dance forms that captures the spirit of Indian cinema and culture.

Actually, we celebrated International Day on Wednesday. In relation to that, yesterday we had our Indian Day celebrations. In our schedule, we had so many various items relating to Indian Day. First, we had an introduction lecture, and then we had food tasting, a Bollywood dance, a Rangoli workshop, a talent boost workshop, and finally a Bollywood movie afternoon.

The premises were decorated with Indians’ indigenous ‘Kolam’ designs, and there were so many Indian foods to eat. All were dressed up in sarees, panjabi dresses, cholis, and shalwars. Really, it was such a colorful day.

Our dear Indian colleagues Navjot, Avneet and Satinder got ready to perform a Bollywood dance. I asked for some information regarding this from Avneet. She told me that they are willing to dress in Panjabi style and perform a folk dance. And she said it will get around 5 minutes.

In that way, they practiced and delivered a wonderful Bollywood dance. After their dance, another two songs were played for everyone to dance. It was the peak moment of our enjoyment. All of us got into the dance floor, including our lecturer Mrs. Sara, and so others. We danced while moving like a circle.

In our university, there are variety of people from different countries and different nations. But all respect and enjoyed Indian culture, their traditions, their foods, and their dressings. That is the great thing I saw yesterday.