Food Pranks

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One of the best holidays that we all are looking forward to is April Fools’ Day – worldwide holiday celebrated on April 1 in many countries. Do you know who were the first prankers in the history? Practical jokes and pranks date back to Roman times. The ancient Romans and Celts celebrated a feast of practical jokes during the March equinox. April Fool’s Day is a great opportunity for you to trick your friends and not get beaten up.

And if you think that you are lacking ideas about what pranks to do, I just might be able to help you with some cool food pranks that are super easy to prepare, and even cooler when put in action. The only bad thing that can follow is that – you might lose some of your friends.

Food colouring

Let’s make the world more colourful! Just add food dye in your roommate’s tea or yogurt. Who wouldn’t be happy to try red milk or blue tea? Just small warning before: you’ll have to see stained teeth of your friend for some time.

Recipe improvement

The truth about sugar and salt is that they look identical. You can easily replace them, but don’t fall into the trap by yourself! At worst you’ll have to taste salty apple pie or sweet fish soup.

This plan also might work with other similar products e.g. replace peach yogurt with mayonnaise or put mint toothpaste between the cookies instead of Oreo crème. Mmm… delicious!?

Candy Crush

Wrapped candies are perfect for little surprises. The hardest part of the plan is to eat sweets before. After that use the wrappers to wrap up grapes, stones, or anything which looks like a candy but is not really a candy. All you must do is to offer these refreshments to your friend. You’re welcome.

Wishing you a safe April’s Fools Day! 🙂