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This week, out school is giving us an another privilege. It is traditional Nordic Business Forum week. It will be held in Helsinki on 9-10 October. Since the school can not take us all there, we were given the chance to have it live-streamed in our school. You, anyone that is interested, can watch it in the auditorio. There will be many business people to listen to with the special guest, George Clooney. I am quite sure we are going to see more woman in the auditorium this year.  

For our issue this week, you can experience the student life in Austuria, Kufstein. An opportunity for our adventurous students. Jasmine is telling her experiences in Kufstein and hoping to help people who are looking for a place to go for next semester. 

This weekend, there was an event held on Kouvola Centrum where you could buy all the local stuff. Not exactly local from Kouvola but local people brought them to Kouvola from where they are localy from. Anna was there gathering the information about it for The Insider. 

Do you like chocolate? Prakhar, an indian friend of ours, giving you the recipe for chocolate brownie. Try it out, I am sure you will love it. 

The sporty ones, Liidia went to an ice hockey game for you that was in the city this weekend. The finnish league is actually worth to follow. They are good at it, won the world cup. Sadly, can not say the same for footbal league but this should do it. 

Nikita have been in the movie theatre this week. Long waited with big expectations, The Joker is here. And his opinion about it is in The Insider. 

We wish you all good week. Keep in touch. 

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