Moi! As promised, I attempted to make another popular Christmas recipe that is extremely well-known amongst Finns and some of the Nordic countries. To be more exact, this is in fact, a drink with a very lovely name – Glögi. You might have seen this name on several types of boxed drink in the supermarkets. But home-made is always better. This is a non-alcohol version but you can easily make it a bit more hardcore by changing the main ingredient. The recipe requires many types of different spices so if you could not find all of them, one perfect substitute would be the packaged glögi spices that could be found in every store. Let’s get to the recipe.


500ml juice or red wine

400ml water

100g white sugar

1 cinnamon stick

star anises and clove buds

freshly grated ginger/ginger powder

sliced almond and/or raisin


  1. Heat up juice in a pot. Mix in water and sugar and stir till the sugar is completely dissolved.
  2. Add the spices and simmer on low heat for roughly 20 minutes or until it starts to smell aromatic.
  3. Remove pot from the heat and carefully pour the glögi through a sieve to get the spices out.
  4. Serve the glögi with sliced & skinned almonds or raisins.

As simple as that. A hot, slightly spicy drink to be accompanied with some Christmas ginger cookies can light up a whole chilly, windy night wherever you are. Please try this recipe out. I hope you have a fun time making it. See you soon with more recipes. Happy holidays!