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Hjallis Harkimo – one of the most motivating personalities in Finland was the reason why auditorium number 357 on the 3rd floor of XAMK University was especially crowded last Friday. Teachers, students and staff members were very excited about upcoming speech.

Hjallis Harkimo started his monologue with description of his school years. According to his words, he was not a very dedicated and successful student. Even though, his charisma and optimism helped him to graduate.

During his life, Harry Juhani “Hjallis” Harkimo (his full name) has tried many roles. Currently he is Finnish Member of Parliament. However, he is a very successful businessman, sportsman and even a YouTuber!

Not so many people know that he is a professional sailor. Every time he needed a “break” from hustle and bustle on the ground, he participated in various yacht races alone.

As an advice to all young entrepreneurs and student, Hjallis Harkimo shared one of his many mantras of never quitting in the middle of hard work because if you go back to your comfort zone, enviers will start with their “I’ve told you so…”,  whereas on the other hand if you move forward and do what you are doing all the time people, will notice your success and respect you for your dedication.

The whole speech was not only about motivational stories held in Finnish as he also included many jokes and personal stories to constantly cheer up the audience.

Afterall, this visit was very informative and pleasant for all Finns. However, foreigners and international students did not have an opportunity to fully enjoy this amazing and one-life chance meeting.

Text by Anna Ryndina

Photos by Anna Ryndina and LiikeNyt

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