Heartiest Congratulations to 20-year-old Insider

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20 years ago, I was the Head of Business Department at Kymenlaakso Polytechnic as our institution was then called. Kymenlaakso Polytechnic started its first year in August 1996. At the same time the first programme, Business Administration (later International Business) taught in English started. The name of our institution was changed by the ministry of Education after a couple of years to the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences. This change of the name also proved in practice that our degree of Bachelor in Business Administration was recognised as Bachelor’s level university degree.

I remember very well when then IB-student Hugh Clack came to see me and asked, if he could start a newspaper to provide information to the English-speaking students. I warmly welcomed this kind of project. At that time, we had an e-mail in use to some extent but otherwise social media in spreading information was practically unknown. The newspaper was very useful in giving information to the English-speaking degree and exchange students. The name of the first issues was Business Department News but soon the present name Insider was found.

Editing student newspaper was soon integrated to studies. Quite a few credits have been earned by writing articles to Insider and editing the paper. I had no idea that Insider would “stay alive” this long. Actually, it seems to be going better than during the first years.

I retired seven years ago. I am still reading Insider when my wife brings weekly issues home. I am very proud of the work of editorial staff during these twenty years. You have made excellent work. It is not exaggerated to say that Hugh is the father of Insider. Without your courageous involvement Insider would not be twenty years old.

Once again congratulations to Insider and all the staff of these twenty years. I wish you all the best for the next twenty years.

Markku Puustelli, Manager of Business, emeritus