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Hello! My name is Eva Morovshchik and I am from Saint Petersburg, Russia. I cannot imagine my life without traveling. Experience of living abroad was one of the biggest dreams in my life. That’s why I am studying now in XAMK and cannot wait till the moment when I will move to Kouvola.

I’m fan of reading books, for the last 3 years I have read over 150. That is why I become the member of the Doris day (this is a nice cafe in my city) Book club since 2018. In addition, I started to write small reviews on what I’ve read and began my own Instagram blog! I enjoy writing there my notes with feelings or telling what’s happening in my life, it’s a kind of meditation process. Also, I’ve written several stories and hope that some of them will be published in Russia.

Another great side of my life is cooking. I am a fan of baking sweets. So in the 11th grade I started to work in a small local coffee shop.

Actually there I get acquainted with the proprietor, who motivates me to study business. When I was young I was up in the air about my futures career and life. The owner of the cafe showed me that own business is the best way for me. To be honest, not only her: my dad runs his own business. Based on this example, I understand that enterprise is the best way to reach all my targets and wishes.

I am very interested in reaching the highest level of life, I like to search information about the impact of food, sleep and etc. that could help me to make my life better.

I’m happy and proud of being in INSIDER magazine team. I’m sure it would be a wonderful experience.

Hope, that you will enjoy the articles I write. Have a nice day!

Eva Morovshik
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