Hello new friends!


Hello, my name is Ave-Liis Koobak and I am 19. I am originally from Estonia, but I have lived in Finland most of my life. Over the years I have gained many scholarships and experience in working. I like to think I am hard working and I have accomplished what I want. I have always loved animals and we have always had an animal in the house since I can remember.

My hobbies include staying home and watching a lot of series. And I mean a lot. I have also picked up some exercise to pass the time and get healthier. I enjoy a quiet stay-at-home night with some close friends or alone and maybe watching a movie. I feel like we can always be busy and do things outside of home, but we sometimes forget to just pause and look at what we have home, whether it would be family, a roommate or just you.

I think I am an approachable person. I try to treat people as equal and I don’t tend to judge others, since we all make mistakes sometimes. I like to get things done on my own and I feel most efficient when I am alone and listening to Lo-fi hip hop music in the background, but I still appreciate others and their help. Sometimes we are better in a group trying to figure things out. I hope we can get back to campus soon!

Ave-Liis Koobak
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