Every student, especially international, thinks about home a lot. Whether about your Finnish home, which is a place you started to live in not so long ago, or about your true home in your home country. Some students are going there and back quite often, some once in a while and some doesn’t go there at all. It all depends on the possibilities and desires of each student individually.


Looking at the exchange opportunities and accepting the fact that in some time you are going to call another country ‘home’ is kind of scary for many students. You just got used to living and being local in one place and now you need to move and go through all the processes of localization and creating new habits again.


Moreover, the future scares many of us, young immigrants. Not everybody is planning to come back to the country of birth after graduation and not everybody has a clear plan in mind concerning the future place of residency. These ones are afraid of being homeless and jobless and having no perspectives. This point of view is completely wrong. Having no plans means having freedom to accept every chance that you get on your way and being able to choose where you want to be and what you want to do according to your abilities and opportunities. Having no plans is beautiful. Never knowing where you’ll end up in a half a year brings a lot of adventurism into your existence and make your life surprising even for you. Be spontaneous!


Anyhow, sometimes even coming back to where you grow up doesn’t feel right. After living a different life in a different country and culture, your home may seem like a guesthouse where you’re only staying for a couple of nights. This is normal, too. People are being attached to things and they are letting them go the exact same way.


However, you shouldn’t be scared of feeling ‘homeless’. Home is wherever you go. It’s any place in the world, which makes you happy and where ‘your’ people live. Because it’s exactly like this: only people are capable of making the house feel like home.