How scent marketing helps in selling?


Scent marketing technology is unique in its simplicity and multitasking.It not only creates an atmosphere in the sales area, but also combats unpleasant odors.

Smell is one of the basic human senses and the only information channel that cannot be ignored.

Also stronger memories are retained through the sense of smell. The smell acts on a subconscious level, and the olfactory impulse reaches the brain faster than the pain impulse. 

Why scent marketing?

Fragrances can create a feeling of warmth in an empty space, expand it or even lighten it. Scent marketing can not only create a favorable environment, but also indirectly affect the economic performance of a business. After all, the sense of smell is ahead of other senses in terms of the strength of the emotional impact on a person and often the purchase decision is made on a subconscious level.

 This fact has been confirmed in various studies that the majority of visitors prefer to shop in a department where a pleasant aroma was felt, even if another department without scent has prices for goods slightly lower. These studies also note that people are on average a quarter longer in the flavored section of the store and it makes a positive impression at the entrance for the customer.

Where are scents used?

In addition to small coffee shops, pastry shops, food courts, stores of brands like Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Philips, Hilton, Somsung, Massimo Dutti, Zara BMW, various show rooms and others also use aromas. Therefore, the opinion that aromas are needed only in the field of public catering is a delusion.


By the way, the use of aromamarketing as part of the decoration of premises during the New Year is very relevant, the aromas of gingerbread, apple-cinnamon, tangerine and spruce are very relevant during this period and enhance the effect of the holiday, which creates a full sense of the holiday.


Scent marketing is a kind of anti-crisis solution that will allow the client to stand out and be remembered with this.

Outside advertising can attract a client, but a person makes a purchase decision in a retail space. A pleasant aroma will create the completeness of the interior, emphasize the brand’s features and get rid of unpleasant odors.

All in all,  if you are a future entrepreneur, then I think this knowledge will be useful to you.