How to attract a new audience on Instagram?


Instagram is a must-have item in the SMM promotion of any company. Brands quickly realized that a profile on this social network can become not only a business card, but also a major source of customers.

Profile preparation

It may be possible to attract the attention of users to your page, but they will not become new subscribers if the profile does not look attractive. Even at the initial stages, it is necessary to carefully consider the concept of the page, the promotion strategy
You need to have a clear idea of ​​what the account should be, and who it is aimed at.

Ask to tell about you

Let’s imagine a situation that you have recently created an Instagram account. The very first thing to do is to share it in every possible way and ask others to do the same.
Ask friends to advertise your profile or search for similar pages on Instagram, with which you will have about the same target audience. Direct competitors are best avoided. Offer the page owner mutual PR. This will help exchange audiences .


Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get Instagram followers for free is to be active on other users’ pages. You probably like it when people follow you, like your posts, or leave nice comments. Here and others too. The emergence of a new subscriber will not go unnoticed. This, in turn, generates interest to go to the profile to find out who exactly signed up.


Use geolocation actively in your profile. Users often search for information and geodata pages they are interested in. Choose the places where your target audience is most often and add geotags to your posts whenever possible.


Running contests for Instagram is also relevant. Encourage users to subscribe to various events. For example, a random subscriber who likes a post at the end of the competition can be rewarded with a free copy of the product, PR or any other gift.


When it comes to writing a blog post that attracts subscribers, you cannot get away with just a high-quality photo and an interesting description. It is very important to choose the right hashtags for your publication. They will help you target your users and also make it easy for them to find your posts through search.
For each post, you need to use your own selection of relevant hashtags. Popular tags are less useful for reaching your account, but they allow you to reach a wider audience. With the help of low-frequency hashtags, you can easily break into the top results.
In total, 30 hashtags can be added to one post, but no more than 15 is recommended, so as not to annoy the public with their abundance. There is also a strategy according to which, an hour after publication, old tags need to be removed and new ones added in order to capture as many audiences as possible.

Branded hashtag

Another spectacular page promotion trick is creating a branded hashtag. In the future, users will be able to use it to exchange information and mention the brand, but first, you need to promote the hashtag itself. This, in turn, can have a positive effect on attracting subscribers.
Just come up with and place your branded hashtag in your profile description, and then share it with the world – print it on business cards, stickers, branded and promotional products, post it on other social networks. When people start using it among the first matches, they will find your Instagram profile.

Instagram ads

One of the advantages of official Instagram ads is the variety of formats. And since Instagram is primarily a visual social network, all formats allow you to add a lot of graphic content. It helps to inspire users and motivate them to subscribe.

Advertising with bloggers

Marketing of the 21st century dictates its own rules and this is advertising with the help of influencers. A recommendation from a blogger is perceived as a recommendation from a good friend, not spam. With the right approach, the effectiveness of such cooperation will be higher.

On Instagram, everything is interconnected. Quick recruitment of users forces the algorithm to actively promote the content of your profile on the social network, which in turn increases the rate of recruitment of subscribers. The more attention you have already managed to attract, the more audiences your posts will be shown, and the higher your page will be in the rotation. Therefore, sometimes it is very important to give the profile a kind of push and gain the first 1000 subscribers so that in the future new followers will appear on their own

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