How to improve your fashion, ethically.


With growing global interest in sustainability and the harms fashion industry causes, it is not a surprise that people start putting more effort into finding ethically produced clothes and using clothes instead of buying the latest trending handbag. Different thrift shops and Facebook recycling groups have been booming for the past few years. People have now realized that you can find used quality clothes with less money and with this they can stop supporting fast fashion brands.

The pictures above are a great example of good-looking quality jackets that were found in different thrift stores. The material is fitting for winter and autumn and you can use these jackets for many years to come without the need to buy a new jacket every season. Markets on Facebook are also a great place to find thrift clothing but be wary of not buying from resellers that sell new products.

Cities such as Helsinki are full of large and small thrift shops. Some are catered only for clothes, and for those that are interested in labels, some shops focus on recycled brand clothes. The demand for thrift clothes is sometimes so high that some of the shops get empty quite fast. Fortunately, big cities like Helsinki are full of thrift stores and there is always something for everyone.  In Kouvola there are over eight thrift stores that sell clothes, the most popular being kymppitori kirppis. There are also many Facebook groups where you can swap clothes for example from your neighbor. This way you can get recycled clothes for free and avoid buying new ones. 

It is important to remember when buying clothes from a thrift store to not buy every item you like. Before you buy it, you must ask yourself if you are going to use this item for a long time and if it is usable for different outfits. By considering this, you will avoid later needing to throw it because the item will wear out and possibly lose its value. In the end, you want to buy fewer clothes because even when buying recycled clothes, you are making space for more recycled clothes from the fast fashion industry and it becomes a cycle. The rule is to buy less and quality attire. 

 If you get tired of your clothes and want to change your wardrobe, check out new thrift stores or ask your friend if they would like to swap clothes.

 Photos and text by Marian Keinan

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