How to terminate a legendary movie franchise

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The majority of those who reads this issue wasn’t even born when Terminator 1 was released, and it was a boom, both figuratively and literally. The time-travelling robot sent back to the past to fight other robots? Lead actor with distinctive accent whose arm is about the size of an average man’s leg? I’ll be back? Check, check, and check. Then the 2nd part, Judgment Day, came out and that part took its place among the best action movies ever to be released. After that, clown fiesta began.

Now we have part 6, Dark Fate. And it promises to be amazing, right? Linda Hamilton is back, Arnold is back (pun not intended) as Sara Connor and T-800 respectively. James Cameron is back!! Not as director but as producer, which is still cool, right? Let’s see.

The director of the 6th part of Terminator is Tim Miller. Now, nobody hates Tim, yes? His Deadpool and Deadpool 2 were huge hits and he combined comic book movies with R-rating pretty nicely. And he should have stayed there. Dialogues in Deadpools were on point. Dialogues in Terminator suck.

What sucks more is the “new John Connor” – Natalia Reyes. Oh my god, not with girl powers again, please. At least if you do it, make sure it’s done well! This example is awful, you don’t simply care about that Mexican woman. YOU. DO. NOT. CARE.

Hamilton and Schwarzenegger are back, wohoo! Wait a second… What are they doing here? It’s like their characters not needed at all. Their characters are written so poorly (you’d think what is there to write? We had first two films that did an amazing job on it) that they either don’t make you go drop tears of nostalgia, no. They don’t do shit! Either that, or worse – they make all the madness that goes on on the screen become even madder. It’s not like that annoy you, but they do!

The plot is just… flat. You again do not care. It doesn’t make you worry or anything. It’s like the plot is absent. There is no old Terminator “end-of-the-world-danger”, or at least you don’t feel it. This movie fucking sucks!

Minus one star for dialogues. Minus two stars for the plot. Minus one star for Natalia Reyes. Minus one star for Linda Hamilton and Arnold whose characters got so screwed up, it’s not even funny. Plus half a star for visuals, sometimes explosions are cool. BUT IT IS NOT TERMINATOR, IT IS SHIT!