The International Craze


Is it just me or as the International Week comes closer and closer – there is a change in campus atmosphere? It is almost as if everyone gets there saddles ready to participate and be a part of the forthcoming international experience. From the highly anticipated “food-tasting” to getting an insight on international topics covered by the various guest lecturers, everything about it just feels enthusiastic!

While you folks are enjoying the international week, take a look at the things brought to you by the Insider team this week. If you thought that the editorial introduction was the last you were gonna see about international week in this  issue, then I’ll be happy to tell you it’s not all as Muhammet is going to refresh our readers with his article about the experience and memories of the International Week held last year at the campus. Meanwhile, our exchange journalist Jasmine brings to you about her adventures in Tromsø, while our new member Claudia takes over student story for this week. This week is special not only because international week is going on, but also in this issue both of our designers decided to pen their experiences and so Henna wrote about the Start-up Camp for artists, whereas Joonathan played this game “The Outer Worlds” about which he decided to write the review about. After his last week disappointment with the new terminator movie, Nikita decided to review Luke Evans starrer “Midway”.

In the end, I hope you really had fun in one of the most eventful weeks of the year in the campus especially if you managed to experience the Tedx Event organised right here in the campus. We’ll get back to you next week covering all the different events that took place this week in depth.

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