Moroccan on board!

student story

Moi Moi, everybody!

My name is Ikram, I’m 22 years old, and I’m an international freshman at XAMK – Kouvola, where I’ve never been. Also, I’ve never been part of magazine stuff or a writer before, so it’s the first time. I’m originally from Tangier, Morocco. It is in the north of Africa and slightly above 5400 kilometers away from Finland.

I’ve studied three years of General Management at a business school back home, but I wasn’t satisfied with what I’ve learned in that program because it was very general, and I wanted something more impressive in my career. In contrast, I improved my personality and soft skills, thanks to the social community projects and humanitarian projects that I got to organize back then as one of my subjects.

After three complete successful years, I took a long period to step back and weight up new decisions in my life and my studies, but at the same time, I decided to improve my skills in foreign languages and learning new others. Importantly, by learning new languages, I became more open-minded and ready to take new challenges in my life. Thus, I’ve chosen Finland as a destination to study Digital International Business.

I’m a bit sad because I can’t move to Kouvola for the moment because of this pandemic situation happening around the globe. However, I’m looking forward to learning Finnish as well and discovering this country’s culture.
I can’t describe how delighted I am by joining Insider Magazine and sharing my articles with you.