Reflections: Are we there yet?


We are almost there!

Hi everyone! This time my article is more about a personal reflection on students’ situations and all the things that happened during this year. 

I think most of the students are done and tired with the whole remote studies. Also, the teachers are not happy with this situation. I mean, we all have missed the «human contact» over the entire year of studies. 

We kept receiving the information telling us that we are returning to regular learning at a specific date during the year. Still, when that day approaches, we receive another message from the school telling us that they will extend the remote studies period.

I must admit it was hard, but now we are waiting to have our last exams. We are almost there. 

Let’s keep our hopes high and positive for a better student life next year.

However, one thing that keeps coming to my mind is if people, students and teachers, are ready to get back to face-to-face courses. I believe, even though the remote courses were unpleasant, we got used to them somehow. Remote learning is a time saving method, even if it’s tiring. Everyone got used to having their classes with their pajamas or just sitting in their living rooms, and without a morning rush.

This whole Covid situation should not be taken for granted, still let’s keep the positive hopes.

Well, I hope we get back to face-to-face learning as soon as possible because it’s irreplaceable.

For now stay safe and tuned for our next issues!